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Power Segmentation

Detailed profiling, seamless integration with multiple data sources, CRM & CDP

Discover the true power of segmentation in your marketing and sales strategies with our Power Segmentation solution.

Embark on a new era of advanced segmentation, where the unification of data from multiple sources creates ultra-detailed user profiles, opening doors to more effective marketing and sales strategies.


The true power of segmentation at your fingertips

With Digital 57 maximize personalization by integrating data from multiple sources to reveal unique insights and user-centric opportunities.


What do we do?

We develop Power Segmentation strategies, integrating data from multiple sources. We create detailed user profiles that enhance every interaction with your customers.


What impact does the solution generate?

Forge stronger relationships with your customer, transforming every touch point into a unique opportunity. Revolutionize your approach and take your business strategy to another level.


What do you get with the solution?

Revolutionize your marketing strategy. Discover the power of advanced segmentation, which facilitates the creation of highly targeted and effective campaigns that maximize ROI.


For which industries does it apply?

Our solution is flexible enough to adapt to the challenges and needs of any industry, working with you to understand and align your strategies with your specific business objectives.

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    Main industries to which it applies


    Food & Beverage

    Get to know your consumers better and create campaigns that authentically connect with different market segments.


    Education and Training

    Connect with students and professionals seeking educational opportunities, offering personalized messages that resonate with their aspirations.


    Real Estate Sector

    Accelerate the sale of your real estate projects with advanced segmentation strategies. Identify and connect with ideal potential buyers.


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