Non-Governmental Organizations

Digital strategies for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that enhance positioning and facilitate donor acquisition.

NGOs, such as foundations and charities, face the challenge of improving their positioning, effectively communicating their mission, attracting donors and maintaining donor loyalty.
Digital solutions offer effective tools to overcome these challenges, optimizing NGO visibility, simplifying donor recruitment and retention, and facilitating digital giving models.

Benefits of digital strategies for NGOs

Digital strategies can help NGOs boost their presence, attract and retain donors and optimize their digital giving models.


Better positioning
and communication

The use of digital solutions can significantly increase the visibility of NGOs and improve the communication of their mission and values.


Donor recruitment and retention

Digital tools allow for more effective donor acquisition and donor loyalty through personalized and constant communications.


Models of
digital donation

Implementing digital strategies can simplify and optimize donation processes, making them more accessible and attractive to donors.


Increased fundraising

Digital solutions can increase fundraising by reaching a wider audience and facilitating the donation process.

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    Digital solutions for NGO challenges


    Paid Media

    Digital media advertising can significantly increase the visibility of the NGO and attract more potential donors.


    Marketing and Sales Automation

    Marketing automation can help accelerate the process of donor acquisition and retention by maintaining constant and personalized communication.


    Organic Positioning

    Organic search engine optimization can help increase the visibility of the NGO and attract more potential donors.

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