Performance Advertising

Make your digital media investment deliver real results. Reach your target audiences in an optimised way and maximise your return on investment.

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Performance Advertising in the digital ecosystem

Performance Advertising is the digital touch point that allows to generate user flows from the media to the digital ecosystem in a systemic and continuous way.

Get targeted results in reach, positioning, engagement and transaction, thanks to our strategic campaign execution and digital media expertise.

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Description and scope

Performance Advertising is a digital advertising discipline focused on achieving short and medium term results through the continuous optimisation of paid campaigns in digital media.
Power your message with advertising in multiple formats, in different campaign models, using analytics and optimisation, investing in a fast and controlled dissemination towards your objectives. The key to Performance Advertising is a deep and strategic understanding of how to combine all these factors towards business results.

  • Review and analysis of digital guideline properties
  • Account creation (search engines, social media, chatbots, networks, publishers, programmatic)
  • Campaign strategy
  • Multi-format content creation and design for each digital medium
  • Platform implementation
  • Technical implementation in digital assets
  • Audience generation and configuration
  • Zero point definition of campaign analytics
  • Tracking
  • Campaign monitoring and optimisation
  • Real-time A/B and multivariate testing and experimentation
  • Remarketing models
  • Data extraction and integrations via API
  • Analytics and reporting configuration
  • Budget and supplier investment management

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