Engineering and development

Engineering and development are the basis for ensuring a robust experience, which allows monitoring and captured data to be accurate and of high quality.

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Engineering and development in the digital ecosystem

Engineering is the support that integrates all the assets of the digital ecosystem. In addition, it seeks the extraction, transformation, storage, transmission, analysis, visualisation and analytics of integrated data from different sources to monitor performance, optimise and discover insights to improve the ecosystem in order to meet business objectives.

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Description and scope

Continuous execution of engineering tasks and development of platforms and systems will enable you to ensure the robustness of the foundation for your digital assets and the interaction between them, becoming a fundamental pillar of any digital strategy. It provides strategic and evolutionary integrations, data capture and technical analysis models at scientific and accurate levels.
  • Audit of digital assets
  • Engineering strategy
  • Tracking implementation
  • Technical architecture
  • Web and mobile infrastructure
  • Front-end development
  • Programming (SQL, Java, HTML)
  • Automation
  • Data engineering: (data mining, transformation, storage, transmission, visualisation, and analytics)
  • Implementation
  • Data visualisation
  • Back-end development
  • Implementation of machine learning algorithms

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