Inbound and Automation

Generate relevant experiences that build trust with your users by delivering valuable content in an automated and personalised way.

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Inbound and Automation in the digital ecosystem

Inbound Marketing is at the heart of the digital ecosystem. It powers your strategy through optimised content, strategic flows, storytelling and automation, allowing you to provide the desired experience and at the same time analyse your users' behaviour, guiding them towards conversion.

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Description and scope

Make your brand relevant in the digital world with Inbound Marketing. Create a relevant and transparent strategy for your users in a natural and non-invasive way. Generate, scale and personalise interaction through dynamic Marketing Automation and capture all relevant data as a source of insight into your customers' digital behaviour.
  • Channel and inbound media audit
  • Zero-point definition of inbound analytics
  • Inbound marketing strategy and automation
  • Production and updating of optimised content
  • Design and production of inbound communication pieces
  • Implementation of maturation flows
  • Implementation of scoring models
  • Technical implementation of automation and tracking platform
  • Tracking
  • Integrated CRM implementation
  • Objections management
  • Integration of digital touchpoints and tools
  • Analytics and reporting configuration
  • Budget and supplier investment management

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