Social media strategy

Interact in a relevant way with your community and build trust, closeness and credibility when doing business.

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Social media strategy in the digital ecosystem

Community building on social media is an essential channel for capturing the attention of your niche. Social media allows you to research, listen, connect, interact, bid and strengthen a relationship with the community, increasing credibility and brand awareness. It is also an essential channel for distributing content, generating interest and capturing business leads.

Description and scope

Social networks are undoubtedly the virtual spaces where users spend the most time connected today. Whether for fun, connection, information or work, these platforms are the spaces of greatest interaction and an important asset of your brand's ecosystem. Given this, these social networks are a mine of information, of opportunities to interact and to excel digitally in favour of your business objectives.

  • Auditing of profiles and metrics in RRSS
  • Zero-point definition of social media analytics
  • Definition of objectives, KPIs and targets
  • Analysis of the competitive environment and PRS benchmarking
  • Escucha Social - Social listening
  • Interaction strategy
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Design of protocols: PQRS, commercial, crisis
  • Content strategy, communication tone and key messages
  • Structuring and chronopost of interaction plan
  • Writing and design of multimedia content for RRSS
  • Community management: community management
  • PQRS management: social media keeping

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