CRM and telemarketing management

Identify your most interested prospects and interact in a relevant way. Solve doubts, interact and meet the needs of your audience, achieving successful closings.

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CRM and telemarketing management in the digital ecosystem

In the ecosystem, CRM allows the storage and management of users with a commercial focus, making available to the sales force arguments and data from digital interaction that allow for more context and follow up towards closing. Telemarketing management supports or even supplants the functions of a sales executive, and by leveraging CRM is a service that allows a deal to be identified, matured and closed more effectively.

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Description and scope

Through the execution of strategic processes; the implementation of CRM, customised to your needs, and human interaction, supported by technology, you will be able to reach the right offer at the right time to increase your sales. Whether through telesales or transactional models, continuous capture of prospect behaviour will allow you to be more strategic in meeting your objectives.

  • CRM and/or Telesales Strategy
  • Estimated resource requirements
  • Agent selection and commercial and brand training
  • Typification of objections and definition of argumentation scripts
  • Transactional IVR
  • Call-me-back interaction models and WhatsApp button
  • Conversion Wizard via Chat
  • Automation of communications by typing
  • Parameterisation and customisation of CRM tool (HubSpot)
  • CRM management training
  • Salesforce integration

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