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As William Thomson Kelvin once said: "What cannot be measured cannot be improved", make the decision to improve through digital analytics.

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Analytics in the digital ecosystem

The correct implementation of analytics in the different digital assets is the tool for visualising and managing the ecosystem itself. The ecosystem is an asset and its objective is to generate value through the potentiation of results, which can only be understood and continuously improved through analytics.

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Description and scope

Digital assets are a source of information that needs continuous optimisation to uncover opportunities for improvement and drive business results. From campaign analysis to content analytics, combining analytics across the entire ecosystem will allow you to continuously keep your finger on the pulse of your strategy.

  • Digital asset analytics audit
  • Zero point definition of analytics
  • Ecosystem analytics strategy
  • Definition of objectives, KPIs and targets
  • Implementation and parameterisation of analytics tools for: traffic, UX, eCommerce, apps, RRSS, search engines, campaigns, inbound, data, CRM.
  • Real-time analytics dashboard customisation
  • Management of budgets and
    of investment in suppliers

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