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Are you looking to increase your leads, improve your conversions and position yourself in the market? The digital marketing is a key tool to do so. For this reason, we want you to know these 5 digital marketing trends for 2023 that will help you prepare efficient strategies for your company.

1. Native Advertising

This is an advertisement technique in which the promotional copy is integrated into the content and the website. Thus, the lead or customer is not saturated with advertising messages, pop-ups or calls-to-action without leaving out the promotion of your company, products or services.

This results in higher conversions, engagement and trust from digital users. As a result, more than 80% of native B2B advertisers B2B advertisers launched the format that year.

Examples of Native Advertising

The BBC website

A clear example of visual integration of advertising on a website is given by BBC, which naturally includes ads among its news. Thus, it generates that these are seen by the user without the need to intrusively expose him to them or prevent him from reading its news.

Example BBC

Newcastle's No-Ad

The British beer brand Newcastle Brown Ale has opted for this type of advertising on several occasions. For example, there is the campaign The Mega Huge Football Game Ad Newcastle Could've Madecampaign, which sought to draw the attention of leads through an ad about the ad they could have made to promote themselves.

Likewise, there is the campaign We've Disguised This Newcastle Ad as an Article to Get You to Click Itin which they promote the brand through an article that seems, rather, informative.

2. Coolhunting

Have you ever run out of fresh ideas to revamp your company? You probably have, and you're not the only one. As an organization, it is always important to innovate in strategies, processes, products and services to adapt to the demands of the B2B or B2C market. 

That is why Coolhuntinga technique to generate innovative ideas that allow your business to stay on trend or create a new strategic way of doing things. With it, you explore and analyze the most relevant insights of the moment, and execute them in your campaigns and activities or create a new strategy based on these trends.

The Future 100, a trend study

From this technique, reports such as The Future 100 by Wunderman Thompsonwhich allow for a detailed investigation of annual trends in various areas in order to set short-, medium- or long-term objectives.


Omnichannel Marketing

This type of marketing allows the customer to be accompanied through different channels, from areas such as sales, customer service and marketing, with aligned messages, designs and objectives. In this way, it is possible to interact in a more personalized and direct way with the user without perceiving an abrupt change in communication. In short, it is to generate unified experiences.

Online and offline experiences with Starbucks

This brand known for its delicious beverages on an international scale has implemented omnichannel marketing through its app. Once the customer registers, they become part of the Starbucks loyalty and points program, which translates into economic benefitsThe app provides a better shopping experience and other operational facilities for each person.

Omnichannel Marketing

4. Growth Hacking

It is a discipline with the exclusive objective of growing and continuing to grow in the future as a company; a discipline that emerged in 2010 and is gaining more and more interest. A Growth Hacker is "a curious person who knows how to collect data, analyze it and draw conclusions. With this, he will be able to implement creative strategies to position a product or service ahead of its competition". The main ideas of this professional are focused on the conversion funnel.

Dropbox and its hacking technique

The cloud storage service, Dropbox, is a good example of growth hacking. This company uses a very simple hack to attract leads and build customer loyalty; it gives more free space to users who invite their friends to use the service. 

This, together with its promises of a secure hard disk and the possibility of sharing large files, make this tool and its marketing strategies a success.

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    Growth Hacking

    5. Short Videos

    It is no secret that today's consumer is exposed to millions of advertising images and videos all the time, on all kinds of devices. Therefore, the differentiating factor of these contents will be the key point to attract their attention in the market. 

    According to data from the mobile content creation course by Meta Blueprintthe focus of digital marketing in terms of advertisements should be short videos (no more than 15 seconds) that demonstrate the potential of your product or service very precisely.

    YouTube Shorts as an opportunity

    The Shorts from YouTube have been an example of the use of this type of advertising by encapsulating the necessary information in 15-second videos to promote actions at different stages of the conversion funnel. This has been the case for brands such as Samsung y Spotify.


    Are you ready to use these trends in your digital marketing strategies for 2023? With them, you'll be able to take your business marketing to a new level and position yourself authentically and creatively.

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