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It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has generated changes in the way we interact between customers and companies. The path towards digital opened up a very interesting spectrum with great potential, where companies realised that they had to make inroads sooner than they expected, to mitigate the transformation that their businesses are still undergoing as a result of the situation. For this reason, inbound marketing in Latin America has been very well received by small, medium and large companies.  

Inbound marketing behaviour in Latin America

Selling through digital channels, creating strategies that route brands' marketing planning and strengthen their sales area thanks to the digital world, is the consequence of the implementation of inbound marketing in Latin America.

When a company invests in content marketing, it increases the chances of its brand being recognised, improves interaction with its buyer personas and generates more leads for sales.

Identifying the most effective tactics to apply this methodology effectively, achieving objectives and helping you to make important decisions is an indispensable factor in your company's sales strategy.

Inbound marketing in Latin America has achieved a reliability rate of more than 75% in the marketing departments of companies, according to the most recent study by HubSpot. This figure gives us to understand that business strategies are being revolutionised, and that inbound marketing has encouraged brands to create innovative, creative, useful, relevant and relevant content with an added value that is attractive to users and customers.

Main marketing challenges for Latin American companies

The 5 main challenges, according to HubSpot's 2018 study, facing inbound marketing in Latin America are:

  1. Generate traffic.
  2. Demonstrate the ROI of marketing activities.
  3. Securing the necessary budget.
  4. Identify the right technology for our needs.
  5. Training the team.
According to these statistics, companies in Latin America find it a relevant challenge for this marketing revolution to generate traffic and sales opportunities by improving conversion strategies and technology integration for their brands.

Brands are now focused on understanding the fundamental objectives to drive the sales funnel to an actual purchase conversion by their customers.

Which content distribution channels are Latin American companies considering the most?

The digital channels that companies are taking into account the most to implement inbound marketing in Latin America are: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, as they are a source of endless opportunities to communicate their content correctly, get closer to their consumers and have a closer relationship with them.

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    How will the market grow by implementing inbound marketing in Latin America?

    According to research, 70% of professionals actively invest in content marketing. (HubSpot, 2020), this indicates that companies in Latin America have wanted to move quickly in implementing inbound marketing in their brands.

    The scenario we are currently experiencing, with COVID-19, has left no alternative, but this event has allowed companies that did not have digital platforms and had never had them in mind to move forward as a business, to stay afloat to this day.

    According to eMarketer, inbound marketing growth in Latin America is expected to grow by 5%, accounting for 39.1% of all media spending, driven by an increase in digital advertising in Latin America's two largest advertising markets: Brazil and Mexico. Colombia (11.2%), Chile (5.9%) and Brazil (5.2%) will be among the top 10 fastest growing digital advertising markets globally, positioning inbound marketing in Latin America ahead of one of the major powers, China (5.0%).

    "The pandemic has caused medium, small and even micro companies to bet on digital transformation as a lifeline for their respective businesses," says David de Matías Batalla, Founder & CEO of Marketing Insider Review.

    And you, what are you waiting for to apply inbound marketing in your company? Find out here how your company can benefit from inbound marketing.

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