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Before we tell you which SEO tools tools you can use to improve your positioning, it is important that you know what SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) means.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that has become one of the most important when positioning your website, online shop or blog, in order to generate better results when sharing content to your buyer persona. 

There are a number of SEO tools tools that you can use to make it easier for what you publish on your website to be indexed by search engines.

SEO stands for "search engine optimisation" and is used for websites, ecommerce or blogs to improve their position in search engines such as Google, Safari, Firefox, etc. 

Its implementation is essential to achieve greater visibility and thus capture more leads, customers, more sales and business opportunities for your brand or company. The main objective of this is to increase organic traffic to your site and project your brand to more people, some who may already know it and others who may become interested in it. 

Make good use of SEO tools tools become a fundamental part of your content marketing strategy, as they will help you to boost the publications on your sites.

To help you choose the tools that best suit your brand, we've listed a few that you may not yet know about.

SEO tools to position your business

1. Answer The Public:

It is one of the SEO tools tool that has a free version and that will be useful for your keyword research. Keyword research for your business is very important, but be careful! The idea is to find the right type of keyword that perfectly fits your business identity and sales line.

A generic word used by many brands is not the same as a long tail keyword, which can give more characterisation to what you offer and help your buyer persona remember you in a particular, different and specific way. 

This application gives you an offer of several potential options for your keywords, even, depending on the search, it will offer you alternatives such as questions, prepositions, comparisons or it will throw them in alphabetical order. Without a doubt, it is one of the best tools you can use as it will help you get more ideas for your content. A

Moreover, its interface is very user-friendly and making the online journey to use it is very easy. Best of all, the free version of Answer The Publichelps you achieve your keyword targeting and thus better position your business.

seo answer the public tool

2. Link Explorer:

Link Explorer helps you to check your domain authority (DA) and page metrics (PA). This is one of the best SEO tools tools that works for link indexing.

Another of its functions is to provide your brand with link tracking lists with historical data, in order to analyse the evolution of those links gained and lost during the search process. 

It's a paid app, but has a free plan that gives you 10 queries and 50 rows of data to analyse each month. It also gives you an excellent link metrics option that redirects to MozBar as you browse the web. Check it out here: Link Explorer

moz bar

Google My Business:

It is one of the most reliable tools for local SEO. It helps your business manage listing information, respond to reviews, post photos of your products, create offers, connect through calls, messages or reviews with your customers. You can keep them updated, generate interactions and even get sales from there.

The functions of this app enhance the proximity to your target group, helping you to get your business profile more present in the Google search engine and thus gain more sales. Implement Google My Business as part of your content marketing strategy is completely free of charge.

Google my business

4. SimilarWeb:

If you want to better analyse the traffic to your competitor's website, this is one of the best SEO tools for you. SEO tools tool that helps you with that. It has a free option and you can investigate the top pages, engagement, marketing channels and more, with which your competitors are in constant contact.

If you use free SimilarWebyou will have the option to examine 5 results per metric. It is a good option for companies that want to do SEO research.

more tools for seo

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