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One of the most talked about topics nowadays is inbound marketing. In order for you to learn a little more about it, its benefits and how it has changed history, D57 has prepared this blog for you. In the following, you will learn about several examples of inbound marketing that have revolutionised the market, the company or are on another level.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a set of techniques, knowledge and methodologies that seek to attract customers through valuable content, satisfying experiences and products based on their needs. One of the characteristics for which it stands out and has transformed the industry is its way of reaching the customer: it respects their space, it does not approach them directly, it does not burst in to sell.

Maybe at some point someone on the street or in a supermarket decided to come up to you, greet you and start offering you a product you were not interested in. This sales strategy is precisely what inbound marketing aims to avoid. 

Instead of shooting without a target, the inbound marketing methodology seeks to reach the ideal customers for your product or service, give them just what they need and enchant them with the brand. 

This methodology, through three phases, aims to turn a brand stranger into a customer who enjoys everything we have to offer.

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Apple generates strong feelings: many are its detractors, but many more are those who identify with the Apple brand.


Because Apple knows very well how to do the cycle of engage, interact and delight:

  • It attracts with quality products, which share interface and allow agility in work processes.
  • It interacts with customers through applications or social networks, such as memojis and its wonderful idea of putting users' expressions as stickers for instant messaging.
  • Delight with exclusive offers, high-quality media channels and deliver on the promises with which you attracted the customer.

What do you think of this example of inbound marketing? It may be one of the best known around the world, but it clearly exemplifies the reasons why Apple is a brand that knows its customers, knows their needs and knows how to address them.

Examples of inbound marketing in all types of markets

1. Further Education Institutions

Universities, although they are educational institutions, also need support when it comes to marketing and attracting more students. This example of inbound marketing demonstrates this.

The University of Southern California, also known as USC, is a pioneer of online postgraduate education and, due to the low number of applications they were receiving, they decided to change their approach to recruitment.

They found their ideal ally: Hubspot. With this company, they generated an inbound marketing strategy in which they understood each type of prospect and how to reach them.

They started by attacking data automation and data optimisation to properly segment who they should talk to. They increased blog posts, focusing on topics of relevance to prospective students, and then promoted two master's degrees for the price of one.

With this inbound marketing strategy:

  • USC increased its conversion rate by 40%.
  • Traffic to their blogs increased by 75%.

As you can see, many times marketplaces have all kinds of facilities and opportunities for customers, yet they don't have the capacity to demonstrate it: either because they don't know how to do it, they don't care, or they consider it too costly. However, as you will see in the following case, the awareness that inbound marketing is a time and review methodology takes a company to the next level.

2. Veterinary

Affinity Pet Care is an animal care company with more than 50 years of history and physical locations in more than 25 countries.

To become the number one dog and cat food company in Spain, the third in France and the fifth in Europe, they had to use an Inbound Marketing strategy in which, in addition to increasing traffic to the website, they increased customers and the visibility and reputation of the brand through organic content.

With confidence in the Inbound Marketing strategy, Affinity has achieved the following:

  • Organic traffic to his blog is 94%, a very high figure considering the number of visits to his blog.
  • The blog visits? Almost 5 million.
  • Qualified databases that respond correctly to each buyer persona: 50% of the contacts clearly match Affinity's budget.
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Sometimes there are companies that, being a small market, consider that they do not need the help of advertising and marketing to improve their business. However, they do not consider that there are thousands of potential customers in a couple of clicks, just by optimising the website and increasing the amount of blogs written. With the following example of inbound marketing you will see how the implementation of new buyer personas can be considered to increase sales.

4. Travel agencies

Australis is a travel agency that handles cruises and expeditions in Patagonia, between Chile and Argentina. Its target audience is people with medium-high purchasing power. And, although they always had travellers and were internationally recognised for their work, the main problem this company had was the lack of new client acquisition. 

One of their fears was finding potential customers who did not have the capacity to buy for the cruises or losing existing customers. To attack these two fronts, the inbound marketing strategy focused on branding, building a proprietary channel for traffic and registrations on the website, working on the website and blogs, and finally, getting the word out through social media advertising.

 The results:

  • A new type of buyer persona allowed them to meet other types of customers, in addition to their main one. Increasing sales and communication channels.
  • Considering that his company belongs to a small market, there was an exponential increase in blog visits, exceeding 400,000 after the first year of the campaign's implementation.
  • More customers = more employees: Today, the company has more than 200 employees who, day after day, work hard to make every customer's dream holiday come true.
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    Examples of inbound marketing with Digital 57

    We have also innovated in different markets and different countries. Here are our most successful examples of inbound marketing: 

    1. Cervecería Bavaria - Liga Águila Awards

    The client was the new sponsor of professional football in the country, so it wanted to increase digital interactions with football fans. This way, there would be a greater impact on its reception as a sponsor and on the sale of its products. 

    We developed a web and mobile platform so that Colombian football fans could vote for the best of each matchday. And although the project had to be launched two weeks in advance, the result of the whole campaign was a success.

    • 90,000 users.
    • In less than 3 days the goal was reached.
    • The target was exceeded by more than 200%.

    2. Newspaper El País de Cali

    The client was faced with the need to be more relevant in its digital media and thus increase its monetisation. 

    Alternative digital products to the newspaper were created: niches of current topics among users of the networks and the Internet in general. 

    The results?

    • Digital transformation within the newspaper.
    • Creation of new channels and experiences in multiple market niches.
    • Average of 70,000 and 100,000 organic visits per month.
    • Innovative online monetisation.

    To find out more, click here.

    3. Rosario University

    This last example of inbound marketing is a glimpse of how consistency and teamwork between a company and D57 can lead to great results.

    The Continuing Education Department of the Universidad del Rosario identified that finding its offer within the University's website was not easy, which hindered its relevance to search engines and the usability it could provide to potential prospects. 

    Our challenge was to increase this visibility and to recommend continuing education through the development of an appropriate web platform. 

    • The platform generates 25% to 30% of the monthly lead volume.
    • Organic growth in search engines is over 200%.
    • Constant focus on sales-qualified leads.

    To learn more about our case, click here

    What do you think? As you can see, there are many examples of inbound marketing and each one of them stands out by knowing the buyer persona of their product or service.

    Together we can achieve this and much more for your company.

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