7 benefits of automating with HubSpot

Nov 24, 2022 | Digital Marketing

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Automation has been one of the fastest-growing processes in companies during 2022, so much so that 54% of entrepreneurs say that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) have increased their organization's productivity. Here we will tell you what automation is all about and the advantages of automating with HubSpot in your company, regardless of whether it is B2B or B2C.

What is process automation?

It is the strategy of using technologies in the different areas of a company to generate ease and agility when performing daily activities. In addition to this, it allows you to promote UX design, create workflows to ensure the fulfillment of tasks and capture leads effectively. 

Likewise, you will keep your Sales and Marketing teams updated with useful information to perform their tasks based on data (Data Driven).

General advantages of process automation

There are 4 main benefits when talking about process automation, which are: 


Cost reduction is always in question when it comes to making a business prosper. In this case, process automation becomes a tool to facilitate savings without having to do without an optimal service to the customer. 

In financial terms, you will be investing in a robot or AI that has high durability and quality, in addition to providing efficient service in the space and time required by your customer or lead.

2. Productivity

This factor occurs in two types: for recurring tasks; or for the execution of massive tasks, i.e., those that are generated in large volume. Therefore, given the growing demand for digital services, automation is the salvation of many companies.

It is with it that, for example, answering and sending mass emails becomes a task of seconds, which gives the employee more time to invest in more complex tasks. Likewise, it removes from its list those activities that are done every day and can be executed without any problem by an AI.

Additionally, data storage becomes easier to manage when your company has software to back up and protect customer data at any stage of the customer journey. customer journey.

3. Reliability

When we refer to reliability, we are talking about minimizing execution errors. Mistakes are part of the human process and can sometimes be minimal, but, at other times, they are more difficult to fix and have unfavorable financial implications for the company. 

For that reason, AIs are tools that facilitate more accurate handling of information as well as the timing of each task. They even check that data is correct and retain details that may not be noticeable to staff.

4. Control and Innovation

Automation processes also contribute in terms of order and opportunities for improvement. This means that it is easier and more practical to study the behavior of the company's activities with well-structured and complete data.

In that sense, data will give you a realistic view of tasks that have room to evolve and develop in a more agile and systematic way. It will also allow you to make your leads and customers feel more comfortable.

In which processes can I implement automation? 

In the next segment, we will tell you which processes you can automate for lead generation and customer retention in the marketplace.

Workflow automation

The use of task management tools makes it easier for your company's departmental staff to keep their tasks and comments on them up to date. 

Many of these tools send reminders of deadlines for each activity, allowing you to speed up and organize them, measure staff performance, keep track of customer interaction and deliveries, and evaluate improvement actions according to the type of business you have (B2B or B2C).

Customer service automation

In this case, the most frequent tool is online chats. According to a customer service study 2022, 38% of companies are planning to use chatbots for virtual customer service in the next two years.

This is because they have several benefits such as cost reduction on par with a 24-hour service, data storage for lead generation or faster registration of PQRs.

This also reduces waiting times for the customer in a way that increases customer satisfaction and directly impacts the user experience. To perform this type of automation, there is software such as the Service Hub from HubSpot.

Automation of company-customer relations

A study by Grand View Research showed that more than 91% of companies with 10 or more employees use a customer CRM. Among the advantages of using a CRM are:

  • Time savings in terms of data entry
  • Effective customer interaction
  • Lead acquisition through personalized content
  • Automatic recording of lead and customer actions

One of the most popular CRMs for aligning sales and marketing teams in your company is HubSpot.

Sales automation

Companies that automate their sales processes increase sales by 20% according to the Boston Consulting Group. Some of the benefits are:

  • Generating 16% more leads
  • Improved sales work performance in terms of process speed
  • Targeting to the customer's stage of the sales funnel
  • Increased sales in a reduced time frame

The software Sales Hub software from HubSpot is one of the most recognized for running this type of automation.

Email automation

One of the processes that are automated in organizations is the sending of e-mails, whether they are mass mailings or not. The automated emails have 1.4% higher open rates on mobile devices and 0.8% higher on computers than non-automated emails.

Why automate with HubSpot?

Next, we will focus on 2 key processes for the marketing of any company: mailings and customer service.

1. In the case of e-mails

The Marketing Automation Software from HubSpot has the following advantages:

Provides basic mailing templates and allows you to customize

When creating a new email, you have the option to choose the design of the email you want to send in the Customize tab. You can edit the elements arranged in the template, modify the content and even add emojis if necessary.

Facilitates the selection of the contacts to whom the email will be sent

As with the design, you can select the type of email to send based on the selected contacts. There are three types of emails in HubSpot: 

  • Regularthat you can share with a specific group of clients.
  • Automatedto be sent to people who activate a certain workflow.
  • Blog/RSSso that your subscribers receive an automatic notification when you publish a new blog or RSS feed.

Allows to program the shipment according to the recipient's time zone

Once your email has been composed, you can select Send or schedule to share it to your domestic and international customers to coincide with their usual schedules.

Then, you choose Schedule according to time zonesThis will allow you to define a time and day for sending. This function will also allow you to check the time zones in which your customers are located and keep track of the effectiveness of your mailings.

It is possible to A/B test your mailings before sending them out

The option Run a test will give you the possibility to compose two different versions of the same email to determine which one would have a higher open rate and thus be more effective. HubSpot can take up to 4 days to perform the accurate analysis and arrive at the result of which email would work best.

An e-mail can be converted into a template for future mailings.

In the option, Convert to drag and drop you will be able to transform certain emails into templates, so that you only have to select them for subsequent emails. You will still be able to modify the content as needed.

Increase email open rates

Its set of tools to tailor emails to each consumer according to their preferences, ideal sending schedule and stage of the sales funnel they are in will help your click-through rate increase. In other words, your emails will be read and the information will reach the target customer in such a way as to generate higher conversions for your company.

It is accessible in 6 different languages and has a free version

It gives you the possibility to access all its benefits in English, French, Portuguese, German, Japanese and Spanish, which opens up opportunities in terms of international communication. 

On the other hand, it has a version with basic free functions. However, to access more specialized and advanced benefits, it is preferable to hire a version that fits the needs of your business.

2. In terms of customer service

Service Hub offers the following advantages:

Strengthens the management of customer interactions in a single channel

You will be able to access your customers' conversations and comments coming from different channels in the same inbox. It also allows you to monitor the channels alternately.

Improve user experience

It speeds up customer service and problem resolution in less time, thus increasing the level of customer satisfaction. In addition, you can receive direct calls and offer personalized attention in real time through VoiP calls, inbound calls or live chat, depending on the customer's needs.

Facilitates the collection of a knowledge base

It collects videos, articles and all kinds of help documents in a database that is made available to the customer. In this way, the time it takes to resolve their concerns is reduced and the work of the staff is optimized.

Allows you to tailor the software to your company's needs

You can start with the free version and, according to the growth of your business, upgrade the software to access tools such as the identification of registered visitors, conversation analysis or the Calling SDK.

It has an integrated CRM

Automatically monitors customer data and their interactions with the company. In addition, it measures their satisfaction through NPS, CSAT, CES and other customized surveys to analyze details of staff performance.

Enables team management

One of its key functions is the quick consultation of issues related to all members of the work team. In this way, access to the essential tools for each task can be guaranteed.

How to access HubSpot automation software?

Digital 57 is official HubSpot partnerso contact us and we will help you evaluate which version of Hubspot is ideal for your company.

We are experts in the execution of automation techniques and we will provide you with a customized guide to your company's needs. We will also audit your automation processes and design your Automation and Inbound strategy.

Learn more about our services that support your entire digital ecosystem.

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